Diving table Blancpain 50 with Rolex Shui ghost who is stronger?

This is really a super puzzle, contrast is replica watches also a full range, more depressing is that today we all contrast down, so that these two diving rolex replica friends are more entangled, because these two watchs did not Who is stronger, only the merits and demerits. Not much to say to enter the topic, the article only play replica watches uk home personal point of view, welcome views of the Friends of the exchange First, the material contrast Look at the material. This comparison is actually some extra, because do not have to see is also a tie, we all have steel material, have sharp drawing, have a light ceramic, also have joined the precious metals such as platinum, such as gold, such as gold , If you have to compare which platinum is Pt950 which is Pt990, I was speechless, so the two brands according to the price of different brands, materials have a corresponding upgrade, but the overall is certainly a tie. Second, the value of contrast Blancpain fifty years before 2013, has always been a classic shape, get started after the feelings can be used to describe the long time, from the configuration speaking, almost perfect, the disk combination presents the perfect readability, luminous duration And the effect is perfect, sapphire outer ring despite shining, but never overwhelming, it only when needed, give you a glimpse of the glimpse. Such as driving from the ground into the tunnel of an instant, when you watch the watch wrist, you will find that kind of instant touches are not other luminous watch can give, hereby explain. Fifty 噚 so far no steel section, at least until now have not seen steel section, which for the pursuit of rough mining style players, is a fatal weakness. Water ghost in the dial design is never contrived, directly cancel the digital scale of the complex, instead of a simple and easy to read the scale display, coupled with stainless steel strap, free exercise, strong as I, oh ~ but Rolex also committed A look at a lot of friends in the watch is a very serious strategic error, "is after 2010, Rolex water ghost also appeared in the ceramic material, all of a sudden it is more than enough rough enough, before the wild unruly posters have been covered in the Suit shirt under the cuffs, how many of the pure ghost fans can not accept. The Nevertheless, from the point of view, the Rolex water ghost slightly better. Third, the movement contrast Contrast finished outside, we probably look at the inner, that is, movement. This link, we can not start from the birth of the watch began to compare, it simply can not, on the current market, the two most common basic models to a comparison. Fifty 噚 is currently using the 1315 self-winding movement, which is Blancpain 2007 for 50 independent research and development, for the movement born 1315 movement, the use of beryllium bronze balance wheel, gold square fine-tuning screws and three A barrel 120 hours long power, all aspects of performance significantly improved, known as the "king of the core." After this movement becomes a new fifty standard equipment. Rolex water ghost is used 3135 self-winding movement, power reserve 50 hours, less than Blancpain's 1315, but sometimes it is so, the more simple, but more efficient. Rolex explorer series with a 3187 movement, an increase of the world when the function, you say this function to the water ghost useful? Go to Bali diving but also concerned about the time in London, you think you are who? Because of the simple 3135, so the low failure rate is out of the name, high durability is out of the name. Therefore, the movement, I can not make a comparison, you judge. Fourth, diving aspects of contrast Finally, it is diving, the first thing to say is that if you say that they are diving watch, then the water depth of the standard are basically 300 meters, but such a solitary figure is clearly not enough to distinguish between the high, this We can provide a few reference dimensions, first say that Rolex Shui Gui it, the water is considered a relatively classic industry in the classic diving watch, and its Oyster-style structure of the waterproof performance is also a legendary watch legend, so waterproof In terms of the reliability of the Rolex water ghost should be considered very good. Say the Blancpain 50, 50 water resistance can be said to mention, because the Blancpain 50 is actually the originator of the diving watch, and the first equipment of the Navy special forces, the waterproof performance is naturally very reliable The Summary: Comparison of these aspects, I do not know how the choice of friends in the hearts of friends? I believe many of my friends will have their own favorite goals, but I also believe that many friends, although they bought a diving watch is not necessarily to wear diving, may just wear a style, while the two in the imitation of the border are N Factory artifact, work is perfect